Empyreal Light – Updates
I'm very late to mention this, but all fractals are visible once again. Huzzah!
I've successfully restored the first seven pages of the gallery. (Just four left!) As much as I'd prefer not to be manually downloading every file one at a time off Photobucket, the process offers a fun retrospective of the fractals I've made and the evolution therein. I hope to continue the story once this transfer is complete.
I'm finally transferring images from Photobucket to a new hosting option. Empyreal Light is a mess right now, but it's on the mend.
To commemorate the start of 2017, I've added to the gallery "Dry Lei," a fractal that makes me think of old flowers. I hope that by year's end I'll have found the time to migrate all the image files to a new image hosting service, because Photobucket gets more difficult to use by the day.
Today's piece is "Tiers, It Appears," a fractal based mostly on Apophysis' "linear" and "rectangles" transformations. Make sure to check out the larger version for fine details that are otherwise invisible. In other news, I'm exploring new image-hosting options for our gallery that would make downloading images a little more convenient.
I experimented with the fan transform to create "Scintillate," the gallery's two hundred fifty-seventh fractal. It's the first new entry in a while... Hopefully the wait between now and the next one won't be as long. Enjoy!
I made some stylistic changes to the site today, including a snazzy new font for the site's title. More tweaks will come as I update the "look and feel" of Empyreal Light for the first time in nearly nine years.
We recently experienced some unexpected downtime. The good news is, we're back! I took the opportunity to tweak a few things under the hood, so the site should run more reliably than it has in the past.
"Simple Squares" and "Weary Leaf" are fractals two hundred fifty-five and two hundred fifty-six in the gallery. "Simple Squares" is, well, simple. The fractal is reminiscent of a Sierpinski carpet and rendered in black and white. "Weary Leaf" is another relatively simple fractal which lays linear transforms in a sort of zig-zag pattern for an organic appearance. I hope you enjoy the both of them.
Welcome August; welcome fractal number two hundred fifty-four. "Modern Cool" is here. Enjoy.
"Fuego" is the two hundred fifty-third inclusion in the ever-expanding gallery. Enjoy.
Please welcome fractals two hundred fifty through two hundred fifty-two to the gallery; they're named "Arcflash," "Neoblue," and "Vice." I've also added larger sizes for "Disarray" and "Icy Mosaic." Please enjoy.
I'm adding "Cosmogem" as the two hundred forty-ninth fractal in the gallery. This one has a lot of detail; I recommend checking out the larger size to best enjoy it.
The fractal count reaches two hundred forty-eight with the three newest additions, "Buttontop City," "Green and Gold," and "Sacred Eye." This update includes my first Incendia fractal in quite some time. I hope you enjoy it as well as the others.
I'm adding the fractals "Drawn In" and "N-Dimensional Rose" to the gallery, bringing the number inside to two hundred forty-five. Please enjoy.
I bring you four more pieces today: "Electrofuze," "Icy Mosaic," "Oil Slick," and "Pretty." The gallery now has two hundred forty-three fractals on display in its virtual halls. Enjoy!
To celebrate our being back online, I've added the two hundred thirty-ninth fractal, "90-Degree Jubilee," to the gallery. I hope to have more for you to enjoy soon.
Whoops! The updates page and the entire gallery were down recently. The problem should be fixed now, but if you see any other quirks, let me know.
"Warped Spectra" joins the gallery as the two hundred thirty-eighth member. Enjoy.
It's been a while--too long, in fact--so I thought I'd add a new fractal to the site. Please enjoy "Ancient Seal," the two hundred thirty-seventh member of the gallery.
After a long hiatus, five new fractals join the gallery, titled "Blue Ocean," "Butterfly's Descent," "Cursed," "Hera's Mirror," and "Snailshell Sediment." In this round of pieces, I experimented using various scripts written by other Apophysis users. I'm still learning how to make the best use of them, so you can expect to see similar pieces in the near future. In all, there are two hundred thirty-six fractals in the gallery. Please enjoy.
Another day, another fractal. Please enjoy "Out of Control," the gallery's two hundred thirty-first entry.
I have three more fractals to add to this morning's list. Say hello to "Cloudy Mirror," "Disarray," and "Wagon Wheel." The gallery now has two hundred thirty pieces within. Please enjoy.
"Fluorescent Flower" and "Glamor" join the gallery today, raising its total to two hundred twenty-seven fractals. Both additions use a square format, whose symmetry seems to complement spiral patterns. Enjoy.
You may have noticed some changes around the website: the gallery page has been tweaked, and the solid black background has been exchanged for a nice new textured pattern. Also new to the website are three fractals, named "Cosmo," "Elemental," and "Square Beacon," bringing the fractal total to two hundred twenty-five. I've been experimenting with differently-shaped fractals recently, a trend I'll continue into the future. Please enjoy the new additions.
I think it's about time for a new update, wouldn't you say? Today, I bring you four new fractals: "Deciduous," "Dizzy," "What It Is," and "Whoosh." This brings the fractal total to two hundred twenty-two. Enjoy.
It's been a while since my last update, so to show I haven't forgotten about the site, I've added "Rustic Descent" to the gallery as its two hundred eighteenth entry. Enjoy.
I've got another good pair for you today: "Shatter" and "Vortex." Both fractals rely on a handful of linear transformations--more than I usually use--so they're a bit complex in comparison to most of my pieces. Hopefully you'll enjoy the fractals and their sophistication alike. There are two hundred seventeen total in the gallery.
How about two more fractals? Say hello to "Genie Genesis" and "Your Biggest Fan," the two hundred fourteenth and two hundred fifteenth entries in the ever-expanding gallery. The fractals are very closely related, with variations only in the rotation of one transform and the palette, yet they have distinct feels. I like them a lot, and I hope you enjoy them, too.
At last, three new fractals join the gallery: "Crush," "Radically Radial," and "Simple Flower." There are now two hundred thirteen in all. Enjoy.
In the meantime before a links page appears, I invite people to visit misfractales.com, our first affiliate.
It's May, and that means it's time for an overload of new Apophysis fractals. I have all of twenty-two additions for you today. Their names are "Alien Anarchy," "Aquifer," "Beauty from Within," "Fiery Force," "Fish Scale," "Flourishing Fungus," "Get in the Zone," "Green Machine," "Indigo Delight," "Jagged," "Lost Love," "Lost in Logic," "Misdirection," "My Mica," "Out of Nothing a Flower Blooms," "Polychromatic Demise," "Rift," "Star Slurry," "Take Me to the Top," "Vanilla Butter," "Whisper of Wind," and, last but not least, "Wiry Weed." Sometimes there is a common thread which links my new fractals together, but this time there is a little bit of everything. With that said, you might notice I focus on sinusoidal transformations more than usual in this set. Might it be the beginning of a new phase? Who's to say? When all's said and done, there are now two hundred ten fractals in the gallery. Thanks, as always, for your support of the gallery as it passes yet another milestone. I hope to keep producing enjoyable fractals like these well into the future.
Happy Saturday! Today's fractal is "Neon Bristle," and it's the one hundred eighty-eighth in the gallery. Enjoy it and your weekend alike.
"Awaken" is fractal number one eighty-seven. Enjoy.
Remember the update I made a few days ago about both "the new and the renewed?" I'm at it again, and in grand fashion. First off, I have seven brand-new fractals with the names "Chloroprism," "Earthshatter," "Enter," "Graveyard," "Jaded Jade," "Tiger Fort," and "Tigerlight." Most of these are linear- or Julia-inspired creations, and I am very pleased with them as a group. In addition to these new seven, I revisited six much older creations which existed only in parameter form until now. These six are "Cherry," "Gridlocked," "Lively," "Pizazzle," "Spell," and "Transparent Quilt." Since these are older fractals, they hearken back to a period where I used a much different style than I do today. Hopefully they'll be refreshing. Combined, thirteen fractals have joined the gallery, pushing its size to one hundred eighty-six. Old and new, Apophysis and Incendia--enjoy them all.
A fractal a day keeps the doctor away. Today's addition is "Peacock Craving," the one hundred seventy-third image on the site. Enjoy!
"Flight of Fantasy" joins the ever-expanding gallery as its one hundred seventy-second entry. Enjoy!
I've taken the time to update the About page so that it incorporates the newer Incendia fractals and corrects my age.
Today's update is about both the new and the renewed. First off, the one hundred seventy-first fractal in the gallery is "Leaves Revived," a nice linear, autumn-themed specimen. Please enjoy that. Also, I've updated a number of images on the website. First off, "Lost in the Moonbright Moonlight," "Simple is Beautiful," and "Understory" all have a new 1920x1200 download size in PNG format. Secondly, the fractal "Dissonance" has been re-rendered--somehow the frame of the image was shifted when I first created it. That's it until next time.
Today's fractal, the one hundred seventieth in the gallery, is "Fractured Sky." It's another one inspired by random transformations. Enjoy!
I've been doing a lot of linear-based fractals recently, so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and work on some older-style pieces which rely on random transformations. The output of my efforts is two fractals called "No Response" and "Turn My World Upside-Down." There are now one hundred sixty-nine fractals in the gallery. Enjoy. Oh, and before I forget, you can now browse the gallery specifically by Incendia or Apophysis fractals. This is just one external result of all the internal things I'm tweaking regarding the gallery. That is all.
Fractals one hundred sixty-six and one hundred sixty-seven are "Lavender Storm" and "Simple is Beautiful," respectively. I hope you enjoy these and the other texture fractals in the gallery.
"Forgotten" and "Oriental" arrive in the gallery today. These are some more Apophysis renders dependent on linear transformations. I think they look pretty nice. Enjoy them and all one hundred sixty-five fractals on the website.
Today's fractal, the one hundred sixty-third in the gallery, is "Geodesia." It's another city-like 3D Incendia render. Please enjoy.
"Lombard" is the fractal's one hundred sixty-second gallery. Strike that, reverse it, and enjoy.
This was long overdue, but hovering your cursor over a thumbnail in the gallery will now reveal the fractal's name in most web browsers. This should make browsing easier, especially when sorting by title.
"Sphericalabyrinth" is now on the website as the site's one hundred sixty-first fractal and the one that begins a new page in the gallery. It's a pretty neat Incendia creation; go check it out and enjoy!
Today, "Brilliance" becomes the one hundred sixtieth fractal on the website. I've also made a small change to the gallery page. Fractals with multiple image sizes available will now be marked with a white thumbnail border to make them clearer. As it turns out, today's addition takes advantage of this new feature. Enjoy the fractal and the improvements alike. The next added piece will begin the fifth gallery page. What will it be?
At long last, you can sort the gallery by title as well as date added. Happy browsing!
Voom! Just like that, two more fractals arrive in the gallery, bringing the number within to one hundred fifty-nine. The fractals, named "Curfew" and "Understory," are both Apophysis renders this time. Enjoy! And here's a shout-out to the amazing Dr. Mueller, who understands the math behind what I do better than I.
Please welcome the gallery's one hundred fifty-seventh fractal to the website--a moody Incendia render called "Sunset Empire." It took forever and a year to render, but it's worth the wait. I hope you enjoy it.
I've added a fresh pair of Incendia fractals to the gallery, named "Chain of Destiny" and "Cloud City." I'm definitely getting the hang of the new program and can't wait to see what else I can do with it over time. "Cloud City" is a Julia variation, while "Chain of Destiny" is a simple IFS tower. Of course, all fractals are based off relatively simple mechanics, yet, through exhaustive iteration, they can take complicated and complex forms. Enjoy the new additions and all one hundred fifty-six fractals in the gallery.
"Pearly Swirly" and "Spotted Spiral" are today's assonant and alliterative fractal additions. The gallery now holds one hundred fifty-four fractals in all. Do enjoy.
How about two more fractals for good measure? Please welcome "Pinewood Forest" and "Sea of Spines." These two enjoyable additions increase the gallery's size to one hundred fifty-two.
An new Incendia fractal called "Cornucopia" is the one hundred fiftieth image in the site's gallery. I'm slowly getting the hang of the program. Enjoy the new fractal while I practice some more. Oh, I also wanted to mention that I'll be making some minor adjustments to the gallery so that it can accommodate fractals of varying dimensions. We shall see what happens.
There's reason for excitement! Yesterday, I discovered the power of a new 3D fractal-creating program called Incendia, and took it for a spin. I was dazzled. As a result, I've decided to expand Empyreal Light's focus to accommodate Incendia fractals. While I am obviously a novice at the program, I decided to add to the gallery my first fractal created with it, called "Neon-Ionic." As I learn to use the application, I hope to dazzle the site's audience, too. Please enjoy this addition and all the one hundred forty-nine fractals in the ever-growing gallery. Stay tuned for more.
How about two more? Now arriving at the gallery are "Icy Impasse" and "Whirlpool," the site's one hundred forty-seventh and one hundred forty-eighth fractals. Please enjoy.
It's been too long! Today, I bring you the first additions of 2009. The lucky fractals are "Magicalgae" and "Rosy Refuge." Check out them both in the gallery, which now holds one hundred forty-six images. Please enjoy!
After a long wait, "Entrenched," "Fissure," "Frills and Thrills," "Furnace," "Migration," and "Stone Impression" all join the gallery today. There are now one hundred forty-four in the collection. Enjoy!
It's alliteration mania! Today's fractals are "Calligraphic Centrifuge" and "Cubistic Creation." Both experiment a bit with perspective and focus but are worthy additions to the gallery, which now holds one hundred thirty-eight fractals. Please enjoy.
"Firestone" is the one hundred thirty-sixth fractal in the gallery. Enjoy its sophistication.
Today, I invite you enjoy the four newest fractals in the gallery. The lucky images are "Algae," "Ridges to Nowhere," "Rosy Requiem," and "Ugly Effulgence." Together, the quartet pushes the gallery size to one hundred thirty-five. "Algae" and "Rosy Requiem" are what I call texture fractals, by which I mean the images are sufficiently zoomed in so that the repeating pattern is difficult to distinguish. Texture fractals tend to be my favorites since the intricate details of the fractals are more visible, and they work perfectly as backgrounds. The other two are more traditional fractals, where the repeating form is clearly visible. These have their own artistic strength since they show the elegance of a simple repeated pattern. I try to balance both as much as possible throughout the gallery. Browse to your heart's content.
A short but sweet update: fractal number one hundred thirty-one is "Immersed." Enjoy it, for it feels lonely.
Three more fractals are here for you to enjoy. Please welcome "Fall," "Jubilee," and "Spellbound." They join the ever-growing gallery, now sporting one hundred thirty images. "Fall" is more of a texture fractal than anything else. Sometimes, the simplest patterns can be the most elegant. "Jubilee" is a wild mishmash of color and crazy shapes, slightly resembling confetti. "Spellbound" is an old fractal which I debated for months whether to include or not. Its addition to the gallery finally puts my worries to rest. On a side note, don't be afraid to use the contact section. E-mails are few and far between, and I get lonely. That's all.
The gallery welcomes two brand-new fractals: "Bounty," and "No Time like the Crescent." I really can't get enough of these beautiful linear fractals. There are now one hundred twenty-seven images on the website.
Today's fractals are "Auburn Arrangement" and "Geode." I focused both on texture and form this time around, and the experiment worked well. I hope you enjoy both. They bring the gallery's size to one hundred twenty-five.
Fractal one hundred twenty-three, named "Illumination," is the product of insomnia and curiosity. Enjoy it as you would any other.
I made a tweak to the gallery. Now, when you click on a fractal, you can see if there are any other sizes of the fractal available on the website. As of typing, only a handful of images have an alternate size available--in their case, a 1280x1024 JPG--but the system is designed to be infinitely expandable. Who knows what happen? Of course, I will try to fill in the huge gaps by rendering larger versions of the ones already on the website, but the process may take some time.
I added two fractals to the gallery today. The first is "Taken by Surprise," a simple fractal I did not particularly like or dislike, but wanted to share anyway. "Simply So" is the other--an experimental fractal based off a sinusoidal transformation. Even as I grow more experienced with fractal art, I find I learn something new about Apophysis each time I open the program. I'm sure this will continue well into the future, and I hope it will, too; I need variety in my work to keep me interested. Please enjoy the one hundred twenty-two fractals I do have in the gallery, and stay tuned for many more.
I got a bit ahead of myself with my last update. Only now, with the enjoyable addition of "Curse of the Porcupine" to the gallery, are there one hundred twenty within.
I've begun to really enjoy creating linear fractals, so today's three additions won't be much of a surprise. The lucky fractals are "Floral Floor," "Lost in the Moonbright Moonlight," and "Streaming Stardust." The one hundred twenty fractals in the gallery occupy three full pages. Enjoy them all!
Three fresh fractals join the gallery today, with names like "Brain Tree," "Captive of Happy," and "Dissonance." They were all created using simple linear transformations--a method I've become a huge fan of--and all three were created on an airplane, not that the two have anything in common. I hope you enjoy these and all one hundred sixteen fractals in the gallery. More are to come later!
The one hundred thirteenth fractal in the gallery is "Perplexus," another relatively simple fractal created by linear transformations and a splash of color. Please enjoy.
"Window of Wonder," the one hundred twelfth image in the gallery, arrives today. Despite its appearance, it's actually a very simple fractal that relies only on a forty-five-degree rotation and a slight translation. Please enjoy it in its simplicity.
I know I've been promising it for months and months, but I really am working on giving the gallery the ability to display alternate fractal sizes. Many of the images are uploaded, I just need to code the website properly. Stay tuned.
"Dark Magic" and "Matrix" are the newest members of the one hundred eleven fractals in the gallery. "Dark Magic" was created by adding a final transform with julian variation to a linear fractal, but setting its distortion to a negative number, hence the window effect. "Matrix" was created by using a very small linear transformation after two much larger ones which alone made the image fuzzy. I like them both a lot, and I hope you enjoy them, too.
Tonight, "Chaos" and "Hypnosis" become the site's one hundred eighth and one hundred ninth fractals, respectively. I hope you enjoy them both.
"Afterimage," "Enchantment," and "Gaze" join the gallery on this fine night. There are now one hundred seven within. I hope you enjoy them all.
The gallery's total reaches one hundred four with three new enjoyable additions: "Clockwork," "Easter Bud," and "Seashell Spiral." All three use a coincidentally similar palette but still hold their own with unique styles.
"Angel Brush," "Cartesian Failure," "Comet Trail," "Cool Chroma," and "Poodle Hair Snarl" are the five newest additions to the gallery, inflating its size to one hundred one. Thank you for helping Empyreal Light break the one-hundred-fractal barrier, and I hope you enjoy the new additions.
The ninety-sixth fractal, "Nocturnal Flower," is now in the gallery. Go ahead and enjoy it.
If you are reading this update, that means the website officially made the transition to its own domain. Update your bookmarks--the new address is elfractal.com instead of empyreal-light.awardspace.com. Hopefully the new name will be a bit easier to work with. To reward your patience during the downtime, I release the ninety-fifth fractal into the gallery, named "Crystal Coral." Enjoy.
I've released five more fractals into the redesigned gallery; their names are "Canopy of Glitter," "Gaping Maw," "Macro Millipede," "Mystical Landscape," and "Sickly Silky Sky." There are now ninety-four in total. Most of today's additions are experimental fractals, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. On another note, I changed the file format for the tiny thumbnail images to JPG so the gallery pages load faster. The larger image that appears when you click a thumbnail is still in PNG format, so don't worry.
I'm going to go ahead and say that the gallery page is functional again. Some of the first things you will notice are that the thumbnails are smaller, there are more of them on each page, and that the name of a fractal will only appear after clicking on its thumbnail. There are also a few code-side optimizations for good measure. Even though the page seems to function well, I will continue to work on it to make it as useful and intuitive as possible.
In yesterday's update, filled with notes of graphical tweaks, I forgot to mention the new page icons that should appear next to the URL in your address bar. If the shape is not immediately obvious, it is an E whose extensions cover the steps of a short staircase. Find symbolism in it as you wish. In addition, I have three great fractals to present to you--"Boggler," "Country Quilt," and "Ugly Nebula"--all of which I rendered while painstakingly testing code for the website. Hopefully we can all enjoy the new fractals amidst the metaphorical dust cloud enveloping the gallery. There are eighty-nine total within.
The gallery page is being redesigned with three goals in mind; the first: to allow faster, easier browsing; the second: to use space on the page more efficiently; and the third: to allow access to alternate sizes of each fractal. As noted on the page itself, since the gallery is being actively reworked, it may not function as intended until it is complete. Please be patient during this transition. It will be worth it in the end.
You might notice some graphical changes around the website. First of all, the header, navigation, and footer bars all received a nice gradient touch-up. Next--and this is more for convenience than anything--the updates page you are viewing right now was restructured so only the five most recent updates are visible. If you want to see every update this site has had since the beginning of time, just click the link at the bottom of the page. I also transferred this page to PHP so I can edit it considerably easier. I no longer have to log onto Awardspace to make changes, which is a big relief. Lots of other behind-the-scenes updates happened as well, but being behind-the-scenes, I'm not at liberty to reveal what happened. Hopefully you won't get too curious.
Fractal eighty-six is an update of an enjoyable fractal I released just yesterday. Meet "Evergreen Everlasting II." The original is still in the gallery for those who liked it.
What would you do if I told you that three new fractals have been added to the gallery? Would you dance, celebrate, or just enjoy seeing something different? Whatever your course of action, "Closer Still," "Evergreen Everlasting," and "Festival" have been added to the fractal list, which now boasts eighty-five entries. We're well on our way to triple digits, it seems. On a website-related note, I'm looking into ways to make this page easier to update, since as of now I manually edit the page's HTML. We'll see what happens.
Please welcome and enjoy the two newest fractals added to the gallery: "Before Life," and "Distinction." There are a full eighty-two entries in the gallery now. The website also happened to turn one year old on May 19th, but I forgot to update on that date. Thank you to everybody for helping this site out over the past thirteen months. Stay tuned for more updates!
Today, the fractals "Fiesta Forever," "Time for Blue," and "Truth be Dark" join the gallery, raising the total number to eighty. "Time for Blue" is my personal favorite of these three. Go and see which you enjoy.
The three fractals "Appeal to Beauty," "In Style," and "Lost Forest" have been added to the gallery, bringing its size to seventy-seven. Enjoy as always.
The gallery's size grows to seventy-four with the addition of three fractals: "Spring in Sight," "Watertide Ripple," and "Wickerweed." Enjoy the additions.
A mammoth number of new fractals--twelve, to be exact--has arrived, bringing the gallery total to an impressive seventy-one images. The new additions are "Autumn Decor," "Dabble," "Delusion," "Fuchsia Gem," "Heavens Above," "Hey! It Looks like a Bubble!," "Pixie," "Razorfin," "Spectacle," "Sponch," "Wind Whisp," and "Within a Royal Temple." Some are ancient, some are brand new; all are enjoyable.
My insomnia brings the fifty-ninth enjoyable fractal, "Angelic Brilliance," to the site.
Lo and behold! Massive changes have come to the gallery page. Now, thumbnails are navigable by page instead of the world's longest horizontal scrollbar, which should make loading the gallery and its images significantly easier and more efficient. I've also changed the method of viewing thumbnails. Before, there was an awkward delay between clicking on an image and seeing it load; now, selecting an image will refresh the page so you can see its loading status--much more intuitive. I've also put all the fractal information in a database so it makes my job of managing them a lot easier which means more frequent additions. To celebrate these big changes, I have released seven additional fractals bringing the total number to fifty-eight; they're named "Absorption," "Envy," "Hex," "Muddled Contemplation," "Outburst," "Umbra," and "Warped Wizardry." Enjoy the redesign and additions alike! While you do, I'll be continually tweaking the gallery page to make it even more effective.
It's been a while since the last update, but at least it's not a small one this time. I've added a total of seven new fractals for you to enjoy, with such names as "Boundless," "Chilly Reception," "Luscilush Leaf," "Source," "Trinary System Cool," "Trinary System Warm," and "Voyage." One might notice two things about this update: first, that it is the largest in terms of number of additions the site has ever had; and second, that it includes the site's first fractal diptych, the "Trinary System" pair. With fifty-one fractals in the gallery now and a new, easier way of browsing them coming in the future, I recommend coming back the site before you can say luscilush (LUSH-ih-lush).
I added a nice new splash screen to the site. I'm still working out various kinks around the site concerning accessibility and ease of use, so I'll keep you all updated on the matter.
Now for something different! The forty-fourth fractal added to the gallery, "Fern Modern," is my first rendered on a white background. I hope you enjoy the change of pace.
The forty-third fractal has been added to the gallery, named "Stratosphere." I don't tend to render many purple-hue fractals, but this one is exceptional. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
The site will be undergoing a face lift in the near future. If some links don't work or pages fail to show, do not be alarmed.
The forty-second fractal, "Hazy Recollection," has been added to the gallery today. While it is an experimental fractal based off of julia transformations, it is still worthy enough to join the collection. Do enjoy it.
Massive changes have happened in the gallery! While I haven't gotten to splitting up the fractals into separate groups yet, you now have the option to purchase a high-resolution image of just about any fractal you want through PayPal! It's very easy--once I receive the order transcript, I will begin rendering your selected fractal at 3000x2400 resolution, at the same 4000 quality and double oversample you're seeing in the other images. Once it's done, you'll receive the fractal in your inbox attached to an e-mail of thanks. The price is currently $10.99, which should be manageable. If you saw an 8x10 printout of one of these images at an art fair, wouldn't it be more? Finally, to celebrate the gallery's evolution, I've released four more enjoyable fractals, named "Ascorbancy," "Incomprehensible," "Neon Radiance," and "Screech," raising the total number of fractals in the gallery to forty-one.
Two new fractals join the ever-expanding gallery today, namely "Flabbergast" and "Psychotic Beauty," bringing the total number to thirty-seven. I have to say that these are two of my better works, so I hope you enjoy them.
A rather experimental fractal, "Tropical Treetops," has been added as the thirty-fifth in the gallery. I hope you enjoy it.
Four more fractals have arrived, named "Intangibly Mystifying," "Intensity," "Perfect Purple," and "Sparkle." Enjoy the new additions, and be sure to check out the gallery if you haven't seen all thirty-four fractals.
Three new fractals join the gallery today, and while they're some of my oldest creations, they aren't half-bad, either. Please enjoy "Aquasmoke," "Astral Verde," and "Color Blur." Added to the running total, there are now exactly thirty fractals in the gallery. On a different note, I've totally transformed the coding for the gallery which will help support multiple different galleries in the future. Do stay tuned.
The Donate page has been added to the website. I'm not asking anybody to contribute, but it would sure make my day.
A lonely fractal named "Starburst" joins the gallery today, bringing the total number of fractals up to twenty-seven. I enjoy this fractal a lot, and I hope you do too.
Today's fractals are "Busy," "Ephemeral," and "Plenty," bringing the total number in the gallery to twenty-six. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.
"Aura" and "Burrow" were yesterday's secret late-night additions. Today I add to the stockpile of fractals with "Fancy," "Flourish," "Flor," "Lunar," and "Twindle," increasing the gallery's size to twenty-three. Do enjoy.
Fractals "Luxury," "Snowy Flake," "Spore," and "Velvet" have arrived. When combined with "Gorgeous" and "Neuroscience," yesterday's secret late-night additions, there are now sixteen fractals in the gallery. I'll be considering different gallery options over the next week or two to help organize the fractal browser better and keep loading times down. Something else to look out for: I'm going to be offering a new image size for the added fractals in the near future that is double the resolution of the preview size (four times the size). We'll see what happens from there. Enjoy, once again.
I've added even more fractals to the site, and I'm not stopping any time soon. "Astral Crest," "Ivory," "Point it Out," and "Vista" are all here, bringing the total gallery size to ten fractals. Enjoy, as always.
I've added a few more mediocre fractals. Say hello to "Abash," "Anaconda," "Effervescence," and "Escape." Also, if you're interested in such matters, the fractals will be divided into different galleries when there are enough of them here. Enjoy today's additions!
I'm pleased to announce that the gallery page is fully functional. The first two fractals to start it off are "Drift Off" and "Pinecone." Needless to say, many more fractals will be on their way in the coming days and weeks. Enjoy!
The About page has been added, and I'm fiddling around with different styles throughout the site. I've also added a hit counter to the site so I can see its progress. If all goes well, the first gallery images will arrive tonight. Feedback section is now here as well.
Work on the site continues along with the fractals that will be here themselves... The gallery is not far off.
Empyreal Light makes its debut on this fine day. No links work as of now, but take comfort in knowing you have come across a website that's bound to expand shortly.
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