Empyreal Light – Updates
I'm very late to mention this, but all fractals are visible once again. Huzzah!
I've successfully restored the first seven pages of the gallery. (Just four left!) As much as I'd prefer not to be manually downloading every file one at a time off Photobucket, the process offers a fun retrospective of the fractals I've made and the evolution therein. I hope to continue the story once this transfer is complete.
I'm finally transferring images from Photobucket to a new hosting option. Empyreal Light is a mess right now, but it's on the mend.
To commemorate the start of 2017, I've added to the gallery "Dry Lei," a fractal that makes me think of old flowers. I hope that by year's end I'll have found the time to migrate all the image files to a new image hosting service, because Photobucket gets more difficult to use by the day.
Today's piece is "Tiers, It Appears," a fractal based mostly on Apophysis' "linear" and "rectangles" transformations. Make sure to check out the larger version for fine details that are otherwise invisible. In other news, I'm exploring new image-hosting options for our gallery that would make downloading images a little more convenient.
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