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The Website
Empyreal Light is a flame fractal gallery intended to spread my love for flame fractals to a wide audience. The website began in May of 2007, when its address was empyreal-light.awardspace.com. In August of 2008, the website was transferred to elfractal.com, the address it retains today.

The Name
The word empyreal, pronounced em-PAHY-ree-uhl, is defined by the Random House Unabridged Dictionary as an adjective "pertaining to the sky; celestial" or "formed of pure fire or light." I find the word describes the dramatic colors and essential nature of flame fractals well, and so I use the word in the name of the website.

The Artist
My name is Ed Foley and I am a twenty-six-year-old mechatronics engineer. Fractals fascinate me because of the intricate designs and vibrant colors that can be obtained using relatively simple transformations, and how they, like clouds in the sky, can seem to resemble certain objects and invoke emotion. Also, as one who loves mathematics, geometry, and art, fractals serve as the perfect bridge between my favorite fields; I found that out quickly after my introduction to them in October of 2005. Beside fractal-rendering and website-building, I love to play the piano and eat Thai food. I could say more, but talking about myself is awkward. I think you'd learn more about me by trying to figure out why I named certain fractals the way I did.

The Fractals
Every fractal on the website is the output of the newest version of either Apophysis or Incendia at the time of rendering. All images are initially rendered in a lossless format, and in the case of the larger images, may have their filetypes changed in order to more easily present them; however, fractals are never enhanced for form, color, background, etc. in an external program.
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